Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MailWasher Pro 2013 7.3.0 Full with key

MailWasher Pro 2013 7.3.0 | 10.3 MB

MailWasher Pro is an application that was created to let users regain control of their e-mail inbox.
The overwhelming amount of spam on the Internet is set to increase exponentially over the next few years, with users already facing serious security threats, families being exposed to objectionable content and product scams bombarding inboxes worldwide. 

ဒါေလးက အေရွ႕မွာတင္ေပးခဲဖူးတဲ့ Postbox , Gmail Notifier တို႔လုိ ေမးလ္အေကာင့္ အမ်ားၾကီးကို တခါ တည္း Signup လုပ္ထားျပီး ေနာက္တၾကိမ္ဝင္စရာမလိုပဲ အလြယ္ တကူဝင္ေရာက္နုိင္ဖို႔ကူညီနိ္ုင္ပါတယ္.. ေနာက္ျပီး ေမးလ္ေတြမွာ သတိထားေၾကာက္စရာ ေကာင္းတဲ့ Spam ေတြကိုလည္း တားဆီးနိုင္မွာ ျဖစ္ျပီး သူလိုအလားတူ Program ေတြျဖစ္တဲ့ Postbox တို႔လို႔ ေကာင္ေတြကတဆင့္ Import လုပ္ျပီး အသံုးျပဳနုိင္တာေၾကာင့္ တကယ္ေကာင္းတဲ့ Software ေလးျဖစ္ပါတယ္ဗ်ာ....... ..  ေအာက္မွာေဒါင္းယူလုိက္ၾကပါဗ်ာ။ 

Stop spam, scams and other junk

Receiving spam is like those telemarketers who call at dinner time, completely annoying and you didn't ask for it. Luckily you can stop this now!
Install MailWasher today to screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the email you want in your inbox.
MailWasher lets you preview all your email before it gets to your computer or mobile device, enabling you to read all your email securely, and instantly delete any unwanted or suspicious email. Your remaining good email is downloaded to your PC or mobile device, saving you from receiving any spam or email viruses.

When you use MailWasher, the benefits become obvious.

  • Zero spam in your computer or mobile device.
  • Inspect any email before it gets to your computer or mobile device.
  • Never lose an email because you can't afford to.
  • Intelligent spam tools ensure spam is caught and good email is not
With over 8 million users, 18 languages and features on both BBC World and CNN you can be confident that using MailWasher is one of the easiest ways to get rid of spam.
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Receive only the email you want
Check your email with MailWasher first. You'll be safer with the knowledge of what's waiting for you on the server, allowing you to quickly inspect and read your email and remove any unwanted messages quickly and easily.
In 3 simple steps you'll be spam free.
1. Press the Check Mail button
2. Mark any unwanted messages for delete
3. Press the 'Wash Mail' button to remove the spam
The remaining good email is downloaded to your computer.

Control when you receive email
Inspect your email before it gets to your pc

View everything about your messages before they get to your computer so you can determine if they're really spams, scams or good email. This means you can delete unwanted messages at the server so you only get the email you want.
MailWasher lets you view the email safely in plain text, but you can also inspect who it's really from, who owns the company who sent it (WHOIS report) and all the hidden links.
Given that you can't afford to lose any legitimate email, MailWasher lets you have the final say on it before letting you 'Wash' the spam away.

Organize emails to a digest
Intelligent spam tools 

Advanced spam detection technology and tools do all the hard work for you by automatically marking spam emails.

From simple friends list, blacklists and learning filters to advanced custom filters, MailWasher has you covered.

MailWasher Pro protects users from these threats and allows safe, secure management of their e-mail. Previewing messages on their mail server, MailWasher Pro lets users delete any harmful content before it reaches their mail program and wreaks havoc on their computer.
Created for home users who deem their online privacy and security as paramount, MailWasher Pro has already become a highly regarded e-mail security solution.

MailWasher Pro works directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does. But there is one important difference; you can tell MailWasher Pro to delete a message at the server, without downloading it - or you can bounce an email back to the sender sothat it looks as though your address is not valid.

MailWasher Pro retrieves information about all the email on the server. With that information (some of which is also processed by MailWasher Pro) you can decide what to do with each individual email - download, delete, report or bounce it back.

If you check your accounts with MailWasher Pro first, you can deleteor bounce the email you do not want. Then, when you use your email program, it downloads only the remaining emails, those that you wantto read.

MailWasher Pro can be thought of as a "first line of defense" which
can weed out junk, large wasteful attachments, and potentially harmful viruses.

Download >>> solifiles (or) Uppit (or) tusfiles

How to Activate with key

Step 1: Install the program
Step 2: Copy the key.file to the Application Data\Firetrust\MailWasher
Step 3: Run the application.
C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Firetrust\MailWasher
C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Firetrust\MailWasher\


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